HospiTalent Services

We offer a personal One-on- One consultation: Exploration of products,services within your business model and thus redefining (refueling) for better and more effective positioning in the market place. Be unique, stand out.
Hospitality, tourism and event management seminars: We have been delivering seminars to students and professionals for over 10 Years. We teach through real-life examples and experiences. All our seminars are delivered in English. Our expert seminars include the following themes: English for Receptionists, Menu engineering for Food and Beverage Managers, Hospitality Start-Up Business, Marketing Mix for Hotel / Hospitality Managers.
Business development strategy with business report:
Over 25 Years of industry knowledge and practical know-how, marketing mix and services mix, strategic operational success factors, critical application of your business model.
Food and beverage management: Green menu engineering, Menu management, Menu design, Menu culinary consultations.
Latest publications on food and beverage “Dining Situations”. Dark dining and the Meal Experience as tourism attraction - Fit for purpose events, Pop-up restaurants etc. We encourage you get involved with our research.
Your market position is key to success. With our unique skills set and expertise we can position / re-position your establishment. Don’t be a follower, be a leader!

Staff Training: We train to gain! Practical courses for food and beverage management: Wine courses, Cheese and wine, Whisky tasting, Cocktail courses, Be a Manager course. Our courses are ideal for Beginners or also a refresher course. It’s important to keep your staff trained and aware of what they are selling! How to sell it!!!